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Some Home Improvement Projects aren't meant to be DIY

When it comes to home improvement, more and more people have gotten on the DIY bandwagon. If you are a budget-savvy and self-sufficient homeowner and like to do projects around your house we applaud you and encourage you to do so (in most cases). However, as garage door specialists we do have to warn you, that fixing your garage door is not something you should do yourself.If you’re worried that something’s not working properly with your garage, investigate it, but don’t try and repair any of the problems yourself without a professionals help or advice. We have some reasons you should leave this project to us and not give it the DIY approach:

  1. The garage door is the largest moving component of your home. Its size and weight can cause damage to the door, other parts, nearby property, or yourself or a loved one if messed with.

  2. Garage repair often utilizes special tools. We would hate for you to have to buy a tool that would only be used once. Many homeowners will attempt to use tools they own already, often resulting in an unsafe situation that can damage garage parts.

  3. The garage door system holds a large amount of pressure and tension. The spring hardware that supports the door uses a large amount of tension to hold up the heavy door. Without the proper training, the right tools and garage door equipment, replacing a spring can be very dangerous.

  4. The garage is often a main part of entry for your families, thus you want to get it fixed ASAP. If the safety warnings aren’t enough to keep your hands off this project, consider the time to order the correct parts and tools, the time to watch countless youtube videos and read DIY articles, and the time to fix the garage yourself. We know for many having your garage door working properly is essential, therefore we always make it a priority to decipher what the issue is with your garage, get the parts, and fix it in a timely manner. Leave the hassle to us and don’t risk injury to yourself.

Call us today at 540-292-3667 or 540-325-6056 to schedule your garage door repair, or you can request a free quote from us

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