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The No No’s of Decorating Your Garage This Christmas

For many, decorating the house for Christmas is a loved tradition. While some stop after putting up a tree and some indoor decorations. The most festive Christmas lovers will go outdoors for that extra Christmas touch. Garland, wreaths, and lights are among some of the most popular ways to decorate the exterior of homes. However, your garage door is an expensive and important mechanical part of your home and should not be messed with. Here are a few no no’s when decorating your garage door.

  1. Don’t use light, garland, or decorations too close to the door, the tracks, or any other mechanical element!

  2. Use adhesives and decorations that won’t destroy the surface of your garage door or the trim!

  3. Don’t use nails on your garage door.

  4. Don’t interfere with your door opening or closing.

  5. Make sure to place all elements securely.

We hope you enjoy decorating and this holiday season! Merry Christmas.

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