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Fall Frenzy: Preparing Your Home for the Cooler Months

With summer quickly coming to a close, we are all counting our final days of warmth and sun. Temperatures will begin to drop around the country as the weather cools for the next season. Therefore, homeowners must make changes around the house in preparation for the cooler months. This usually entails a mixture of organizing, cleaning, decluttering, and general upkeep, but you’ll also need to check for bigger maintenance issues. At times, it can be difficult to know where to begin. In an attempt to keep this fall frenzy under control, here are some steps to keep in mind when preparing your home for the cooler months.

Make a fall maintenance checklist.

Every home tends to have some specific areas and systems that require annual attention as the seasons change. If you’re not sure where to begin with preparations for colder weather, it can be helpful to have a checklist on hand. It should include checking your heating and plumbing systems for proper functioning and insulation. Make sure the gutters are cleaned and that their brackets are secured. If your windows and doors aren’t fit for the colder months, be sure to replace them. Basically, you’ll want to conduct a general inspection throughout your home and identify any problem areas that require some handling before the cooler months arrive.

Don’t neglect your garage door.

Even though garage doors are used on a daily basis, they’re easy to forget about. When they’re down, you’re either inside the house or out and about. And when they’re up, you can’t really inspect them. Because of their daily use and exposure to the elements, garage doors are a must for your end-of-summer maintenance. After all, the colder months will cause more stress to these systems. It’s best to make sure everything is in working order beforehand.

It’s easiest to start with the doors itself to check for any cracks, dents, or other damages that may worsen due to the colder temperatures. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint and some sealant are sufficient to fix these ailments. Other times, you may have to repair it. Don’t forget to check the mechanisms that raise and lower the garage door as well. If the system has seen better days, you may consider investing in professional replacement to have a garage door better suited to handle the colder weather.

Prepare your lawn and equipment.

The interior of your home isn’t the only thing that needs attention now that fall is just around the corner. Your yard will also require some maintenance to make this transition as smooth as possible. Fertilizing your lawn before fall will give it a better shot at surviving the wintertime and growing next spring greener than before. This is an especially important tip for those who live in areas with harsh summers.

When leaves start to fall, your lawn mower and edger won’t be of much help. Instead of leaving your summer equipment out to take up space, find a place to store it for the cooler seasons, either in your home or in a temporary storage unit. This will make room for your rakes, trash bags, snow blowers, snow shovels, and other items that are more practical for use in the fall and winter.

As the weather transitions to cooler temperatures, your home will begin facing new challenges. Houses tend to fare better during the spring and summer when the climate is milder and more forgiving. It’s important to conduct some fall maintenance to make any necessary repairs or changes before the cold seasons arrive.

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