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A Decorative Hardware Guide

If you are looking to spruce up your garage door in the name of curb appeal you have several options. Painting the door, power washing it, and buying a new door are all worthy options. However, sometimes all you need for a new look and feel is some decorative hardware. This is a great and easy way to dress it up and make the door pop from the street.

decorative hardware

Two factors to consider when choosing hardware are color and style. Decorative garage door hardware comes in a wide variety of sizes, styles, materials, colors, and components, so you have a lot of options!


The hardware should complement your other curb appeal components and front door, not over power it.

They are simply accessories and not meant to be the focal point. Consider color and style of your front door, house numbers, outdoor lighting, and other elements competing for attention. You want everything to go together and be cohesive.

Don’t overdo it. Keep it simple.

When it comes to anything that serves as a decorative element: less is more. Consider how many design elements the door already has before deciding what else to add, such as cross rails, cross bucks, or the number of panels the door has.

Only put hardware where it belongs.

Although the hardware is primarily decorative, it is meant to look like latches, strap hinges, and pulls that were once used to actually open doors. Consider where a realistic place would be for them if you were swinging them open. Depending on the style of door, hardware should be placed in the appropriate place.

Avoid these hardware fails and you should be good to go…

-Don’t add strap hinges to a door that doesn’t look like a swing door. If you have a traditional or rail overhead door skip the strap hinges.

-Putting a single handle; they should be in pairs.

-Make sure strap hinges aren’t too short, too long, or too thin for the size of the door.

-Don’t leave old handles or locks that interfere

If you have more questions regarding your garage door we would be happy to help! Send us an email at

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