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Baby, it's cold outside! Keep it OUT!

You wouldn’t openly welcome all of that cold exterior air into your home, so why put up with a freezing cold garage? Keeping your garage efficiently and effectively heated is not impossible, and it definitely doesn’t have to be stressful or overly complicated.

The best way to ensure a warm and cozy garage during the coldest months is to have a premium quality garage door installed. Insulated garage doors will give you incredible protection to the outside elements. The benefits are tenfold:

  • Don’t get slapped in the face with cold air as soon as you head for your car

  • Keep paint, stain and other materials from freezing (and becoming ruined)

  • Don’t stress about bundling the kids up to walk to the car, just to have to un-bundle before strapping them into their seats

  • Utilize the space to keep up with small home projects out of the elements

If adding a new garage door is on your Spring to-do list, follow these tips in the meantime to keep your family comfortable all winter long:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are in good, working order. Broken windows can allow very cold air to seep into your garage and significantly cool it down

  • Purchase and install insulation for your garage walls if they are not already insulted

  • Purchase and use caulk to seal any openings/cracks around your garage

Call us for a free estimate on adding a new garage door or upgrading your existing door!

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