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5 Garage Spring Cleaning Tips

Some days the cold weather seems as though it will never end, but the good news is we can finally see spring on the horizon. Spring not only means warmer days, but a time for cleaning and organizing around the house. Spring cleaning goes back for centuries. During the 1800’s the biggest annual house cleaning took place in the spring because the winter left homes dirty with soot and grime. During these times, lamps were lit with oil or kerosene that was heated with coal or wood, which was not the cleanest process. Spring gave people a chance to clean their homes and have a fresh start for summer. Although the practices for lighting the home have changed, the truth is people now have more things and clutter than ever.

The garage is a place where people are constantly entering and leaving, storing things, parking their car, and doing projects. Therefore, it definitely needs to be cleaned and organized at least once a year. Here are some helpful spring cleaning tips:


If you are anything like the average American, your garage often becomes a place to put all your excess stuff; the “junk drawer” of the home. Pick a day with no rain on the forecast and start to go through things. If it is something that does not have a place or is not ever used consider tossing it. Having some sort of organization system will help to declutter. Whether you use shelves, bins, or use hooks on the walls, find a system that will work for you.

Air Out

Now that your garage is cleaned up, give it some time to air out. Between the sports gear, fumes from paint and miscellaneous products, moisture, and dirt your garage probably has a weird smell. Open up all windows and doors to air it out.

Hose Down & Wipe Down

Now is time for the deep cleaning. Wipe down any shelves or surfaces in the garage. Use a broom to remove dust and cobwebs from the walls. Once everything else is cleaned you can move to the floors. Use a garden hose and gentle cleaner to wash and mop the floors.

Clean the Door Frame

Your garages door takes a large portion of the front of your house, thus sprucing up the door and frame is a must. This may require a simple scrubbing with soap and water. Or it may require stripping, painting, and staining the doorframe. Do what it takes to may it look new and fresh.

Wash Windows

Your garage windows can easily go unnoticed but need to be cleaned. Dirt and grime can easily build up and make your garage look dark and dingy. It’s a simple task that only takes a rag and glass cleaner.

We hope these tips give you a fresh start this spring!

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