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Should you park your car in the garage during winter?


For many, that seems like a silly question. One of the great things about having a garage to park in is the convenience of not having to scrape ice or snow off your car in the winter. It sucks getting into a car and having to wait forever before your car heats up. You probably park in your car not only for these reasons, but also to protect your car from harsh weather (both in summer and winter). However, parking your car in the garage in winter every day could also be damaging it! Here is why…


It is true parking your car in the garage protects it from harsh winter weather such as ice, rain, and snow. However, when you are experiencing this weather and driving your car around, you most likely come home and park your car straight in the garage. The snow has melted, yes, but your car is still wet from the icy or snowy conditions. The warmer temperature of the garage combined with humidity and salt residue will accelerate oxidation. This means a higher chance of rust!

For those that wear glasses, you know what happens when you step inside after being outside for while, or when a bunch of people pile into a cold car: condensation immediately fogs up the glass. The same concept happens in the parts of your car. The exhaust system and the radiator are parts that are prone to rusting when exposed to these conditions. With the high temperature shifts, rubber seals are also at risk of deteriorating more quickly.

What you can do…

Of course, you only have to worry about this when the weather is very wet and snowy. However, some ways you can protect your car is not warming your garage too much. A temperature about five degrees Celsius will suffice in wintertime. Also make sure your garage has proper ventilation to allow your car to dry off quicker and reduce humidity.

All that being said; parking in your garage is still beneficial for your car in many areas. The engine oil, and other essential fluids, will remain thinner, which lubricates the internal parts of your car more quickly when starting your car. Not having to scrape ice or snow off your car also protects your paint and windshield wipers. Therefore, there are as many advantages as disadvantages when it comes to parking a car in the garage every day in winter.

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