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Quick Tips for Organizing your Garage for the Holidays.

It’s official. The Holidays are quickly creeping up! With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, spend some time getting your garage organized so you can find what you need, and pack away what you don’t. These tips will help reduce your time and frustration!

Plastic Storage Bins

If you’re like me, you stuck that Christmas wreath you ordered from Etsy back into the box it shipped in, because it fits so perfectly. You know what’s not going to fit perfectly? A wreath full of mouse poop or mold. Ditch all those cardboard boxes and use plastic tubs/containers for packing things away that you will only use once a year. They come in an array of sizes, including specialty ones for things like wrapping paper tubes or, my personal favorite, Christmas lights!

Pack Appropriately

I will never forget the year that I took all my holiday centerpieces and bookshelf decorations and (literally) tossed them into a box together. The following year, my Christmas pinecones had embedded themselves in my wooden Halloween pumpkins and my 4th of July flags were stained pink from my Valentines candles. Use egg cartons to store small glass ornaments. Wrap candles in cellophane. Use small shoeboxes or Ziplocs to store small, miscellaneous items. Make sure to protect fragile items and properly securing items that may melt or bleed color.

Label, Label, Label!

Make sure to label your storage containers! Did I mention you’ll want to label what you pack away? Seriously, there is nothing more frustrating than having to move, shove or pull down box after box just so you can find what you need. Save yourself the time and headache, and label! I prefer to use a piece of duct tape or packing tape, then write on it with a permanent marker. That way I can switch labels out when I re-organize (every five years… kidding. Sort of). I’ve seen people color-code their storage containers to correspond with each holiday (orange for Halloween, pink for Valentine’s Day, red/green for Christmas, etc.).

Utilize the space you have

your existing garage, closet, tool shed or attic to maximize space and promote organization. Place storage containers so that you can see all labels. Store each holiday/event together to minimize time spent moving things around. Stack like-sized containers and make sure to leave adequate floor space to walk around.

Happy Holiday Organizing!

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