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3 Reasons You Need Garage Maintenance

As a homeowner you probably annually maintenance many parts of your home, such as the fireplace, roof, HVAC unit, or interior/exterior paint to name a few. You take pride in the integrity of your home and want to maintain its function and beauty. Your garage is one aspect of your home that needs to be maintained regularly (annually by a professional). Your garage takes up a large portion of the exterior of your home, greatly affecting your curb appeal. As well, most people open and close their garage doors several times a day, which leads to natural wear and tear. Neglecting your garage door could result in safety issues and you spending more money than necessary on new parts. Here are 3 main reasons we believe everyone should maintenance their garage:

Avoid Unexpected Repairs

As wear and tear sets in and the weather takes a toll on your garage, annual garage maintenance helps to minimize unnecessary expenses. It is like your mother always said, “if you take care of something, it will last longer”. This is true for a child’s toy or a garage door. By regularly inspecting your garage and an annual maintenance plan you can make sure you garage is always in perfect working condition.


The reality is that most people use their garages daily, opening and closing the door and going in and out. If your garage door and accompanying parts are not maintained and kept in good condition they will break. Not only will new parts cost you extra money, but it becomes a big hassle to not be able yo use your garage door. For many people we work with the garage is one of the most important entrances in their home and to that is a huge inconvenience.


Unfortunately, garage door injuries are common and often damaging. The doors are extremely heavy and can unleash a great amount of force if parts are broken. This can be a safety issues for children, pets, cars, or someone trying to fix parts by themself. When your garage door and parts are taken care of, the chances of unexpected issues are unlikely.

garage maintenance

The amazing news is that you don’t have to maintenance your garage by yourself. We have formulated four Maintenance Plans that are affordable and will help keep your garage in great working condition. Plans include annual service and 24-hr service help for unexpected damages. Give us a call at 540-292-3667 to enroll in a maintenance plan today!

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