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Creating a Warm & Welcoming Home Front

There are many reasons homeowners decide to spruce up the front of their homes from time to time. Great curb appeal can not only add value to your home and help you sell faster, but for those not looking to sell it helps to create a warm and inviting appearance. They say ‘don't judge a book by the cover’, but let's be honest, we do all the time. The front of your home says a lot to your neighbors, guests, and future buyers about yourself and what they can expect for the inside of your home. Also, putting all that aside, sometimes you want to make your house look good for YOU, so YOU can enjoy it. Whatever your reason, curb appeal projects can range from a small dollar amount to big, and be a quick fix or maybe something that takes a little more time and planning. Here is a range of curb appeal upgrades that will convey a warm welcome to all who come across your home sweet home.

Paint the front door

A freshly painted door not only makes your house look newer and nicer, but here is a chance to add some character. Add a pop of color if you dare. Pick a color that is you, compliments the exterior of your house, and invites people in.

Add porch lighting

Replace old and boring lights with big, statement-making lights. This is an easy fix and you will love the effect it has on your home.

Add porch furniture

Maybe a porch swing, lounger, or pair of rockers. Some porch furniture not only makes your home look inviting, but it creates a great space for you to enjoy. How would you love to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine on the comfort of your own front porch? If you desire to go all out, add a table, some plants, or other furniture to create a fun relaxing space. This is an upgrade everyone will enjoy.

Add bold house numbers

This is one of the easiest and cheapest upgrades, but it makes a huge difference. Big and bold house numbers are useful for guests looking for your house, and adds more style to the outside of your home. Browse Pinterest or Houzz for some great DIY ideas, or buy some ready to mount; the sky's the limit!

Do some hardscaping

Paths, planters, walls, or structures are upgrades that will last for years and can completely transform your front yard. We could go on-and-on with this one, but so many options exist. Hire a landscaper or do it yourself, you won’t be disappointed investing in this type of curb appeal.

Add a white-picket fence-or whatever type of fence you prefer

Fences add depth to your front yard, and c’mon what says ‘home sweet home’ more than a white-picket fence. Plus this creates a great enclosed area for dogs and children, and you will have a sense of privacy as well.

Plant flowers and foliage

Dig up part of your lawn and put in some flowers. Not only are they pretty, but are great for creating a welcoming environment. You have the option for choosing flowers and foliage that fit your taste and needs. Choose something that is water-saving. Choose your favorite flowers that you can pick and enjoy inside too. You can go small or big with this one; make it your own!

Repair driveway and paths

Although this is a more expensive project, cracked and worn cement, stones, and asphalt make your home look older. Replacing or repairing old driveways and paths can do wonders to freshen up your home's street view and adds value to your home.

Refinish porch floor

You may just need to give your porch a good power wash. However, if the porch has seen better days spray it down, sand it, and add a fresh coat of paint or stain. You may not think it will make a huge difference, but you and your guests will see the difference.

Upgrade the garage

And last, but not least, put some thought into your garage. Your garage takes up a majority of the real estate in the front of your yard, therefore it dramatically changes the look and feel of your exterior. If your garage is working great and you don’t need a new one, consider adding a fresh coat of paint. The fresh paint will give it a like-new feel and you have the option to change the color up. Maybe a new color will give you the look you have been looking for.

If your garage door is old, not working, or you want a new style, contact us for a free quote: We hope you’ll choose Valley Garage Doors for your garage door needs.

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