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Choosing the right color for your Garage Door.

Your garage door takes up a large portion of the front of your house, therefore it can say a lot about the overall look and feel of your house. When it comes to curb appeal and the exterior elements of a house, color plays a huge role. How much do you want you home to stand out? What statement do you want to make?

When choosing what color to go with for your garage door, the main thing to consider is the color of your home. For example, if you have a neutral color house such as beige or gray, a white door is a great option. White doors are great because they offer a very clean and sleek feel. They are also the most common color for garage doors. White garage doors also create contrast with darker painted homes or brick homes.

However, if the exterior of your home is mostly white, this is a great place where you can add a pop of color. However, we would recommend not going for anything too bright and obnoxious. If you want to make a bold statement, consider black or a darker rich color such as a dark green or blue. If you prefer a warmer color such as red or brown these are also good options. Keep in mind also the color of trim, shutters, and other elements as to keep all the colors in a similar palette.

The main goal is to create contrast between your house and the garage. Although there are common colors used for garages, a lot of it comes down to personal opinion. This is your chance to make a statement. What statement do you want the front of your house to say?

If you aren’t sure, contact us here at Valley Garage Doors. We will be there for you from start to finish, and for all the details in-between.

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