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Make your garage safe-er for kids

A garage typically isn’t a place where you encourage young children to spend their time, especially unsupervised. That being said, many households choose to use garage space as a temporary ‘play area’ when winter weather prevents time spent outdoors. With a little bit of organization and clean up, you can turn your garage into a safer place for your children to spend time!

First: always use common sense. Pay close attention to dangerous items, toxic or flammable products, power tools, guns/ammunition or anything else that might harm your children. These should all be locked up, placed somewhere that children will not be able to access them, or moved out of the garage entirely.

Second: talk to your kids. Make sure they understand what is and isn’t a toy. Explain to them how a garage door works and why it should not be operated without an adult present. Most importantly, be sure that there is clear distinction between what they can and cannot play with while in the garage!

Third: if there will be a car in a separate area of the garage while children are playing, make sure that all doors are locked and the keys are with you. There are many reasons why you do not want children playing in a parked car, including smashed fingers, locking kids in/out, and even the potential for starting the car.

Finally: be attentive. No matter how much you prepare the garage to be a safer place for children to play, you should always know what they are doing so that you can react quickly if necessary. Kids are kids, after all!

Give us a call at 540-292-3667 so that we can have a repair specialist sent to your property to ensure your garage door does not pose a danger to anyone, especially your children. Our friendly garage door installation and repair specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. We provide free estimates for any replacement or repair work and are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

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